Dean's speech

The word Prof. Dr. Dean of the College
In the name of of Allah the Merciful
Engineering colleges are considered the locomotive of progress and renaissance of nations that seek development, progress and has delayed the establishment and start of the study to the Faculty of Engineering in Beni Suef long years, but Bhamdallah study began Faculty of Engineering, University of Beni Suef Ministerial Decree No. 3762 of 12/9/2009 to be conducted the study in accordance with the rules of procedure undergraduate of the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, which started in the school year 20092010 for construction engineering program credit hours system.
He has become imperative for the overall revision of the system of study hours approved and modified regulations to remedy the negatives that appeared when the application of this system because of the potential human and spatial overall compatibility and the number of faculty to the requirements of the study of this system, and examine the requirements and conditions of Beni Suef and the Northern Upper been amended bylaws new undergraduate to allow the study of the civil Engineering program (General) system chapters where they were guided in the preparation of these regulations internal regulations of the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, with some adjustments to maximize the pluses and development so as to keep pace with global developments and domestic in engineering education and raise the scientific level and practical for the graduates of the college and to develop their skills and abilities to enable them to face the challenges that await them in the labor market, especially in light of competition for colleges and institutes of engineering and openness to the world and to keep pace with rapid changes in the field of engineering.
It has been taken when drawing up the list required balances between school hours for each of the basic humanitarian and engineering and applied specialized and elective courses.
And Gary completing the basic requirements so that the college be able to start the study, Department of Architecture in the next academic year in succession with the opening of new disciplines in the coming years.
Work is still underway on the completion of the main building and the stands and building workshops replenish laboratories and workshops and the appointment of Messrs faculty members in disciplines necessary to the educational process.
And put the college student activities, educational administration basically for the development of human skills to students as a target through a combination of social, technical, scouting and sports activities varied.
The college administration hopes the cooperation and unite all members of the college students, staff and faculty members from participating body households in the project renaissance of Egypt through the advancement of the academic community in Beni Suef which affects positively to the renaissance of Beni Suef society.
                                                                 Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan
                                                                    Dean of Engineering Beni Suef