Laws, Regulations and Mechanisms

We seek to have a distinct Faculty of Engineering as a scientific engineering institution to create cadres keep pace with scientific development and contribute in the community service and technology industry .
The continuous upgrading of the level of education, courses and scientific research in order to serve the educational process and achieving the objectives of the College under the system and the policy of Beni Suef University

-- Offering a developed model of engineering education related to certain industries serving the surrounding environment and coping with the global engineering trends in the use of computers and its applications in industry . Also, the Faculty is going to develop the performance and conducting economic, technical and feasibility studies for the industrial regions that are spread in Upper Egypt.

 -- Developing the Governorates of the North & South of Upper Egypt in the sphere of higher education and providing jobs in theses governorates. This is in line with the Electoral Program of the President of Republic and the directions of the Prime Minister.

-- Finding a model of cooperation between the educational institution and the production sites.

-- Preparing courses for the continuous education and training of the engineers in the fields of specialization in the Faculty.

-- Directing the post-graduate studies towards solving the practical problems facing the industries (such as cement - building materials - paper –metals).

 Article 2: Admission Requirements
Admission to the Faculty of Engineering, Beni Suef University is required to obtain the certificate of General Secondary School (Science Department) or its equivalent. The submission shall be through the Coordination Office in accordance with the rules of the Supreme Council of Universities in the Ministry of Higher Education each year, in addition to the conditions approved by the College Council

    Article 3: Departments of the Faculty
1- Department of Civil Engineering
2- Department of Architecture
3- Department of Mechanical Engineering (under construction)
4- Department of Electrical Engineering (under construction)

    Article 4: The Study System
The study of the two-semester system is applied to the students enrolled in the preparatory year and transferred to the first year of the academic year 2012/2013 after the approval of this regulation, provided that the study continues for the students admitted before the date of approval of the regulations in the system of credit hours.

    Article 5: Bachelor's degrees
  The Council of Beni Suef University shall, upon the recommendation of the College Council, grant a bachelor's degree in one of the following specializations:
Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering) in the system of credit hours for students enrolled in the old regulations.
Civil Engineering (General) with a two-semester system for accepted students after approval of the new regulations.
The Council of Beni Suef University shall, upon the recommendation of the College Council, grant a bachelor's degree in one of the following specialties:
1- Architecture
2- Mechanical Engineering
3- Electrical Engineering
After completion of the requirements to start the study of these disciplines and obtain approval and accreditation.

Article 6: Duration of Study
The duration of the study to obtain a bachelor's degree is five years starting with a general preparatory year for all students. The specialization will then be according to the schedule of courses.

Article 7:
The student may be exempted from attending some courses except for the courses of the final division if he proves that he has attended equivalent courses at any university college or scientific institute recognized by the university. The student may also be exempted from the performance of the transfer examinations in some of these courses if he proves that he has successfully passed examinations The exemption shall be made by a decision of the President of the University after the approval of the Council of Education and Students Affairs upon the proposal of the College Council after taking the opinion of the Council of the competent department without prejudice to the provisions of the Articles of the Law of Organizing Universities.
The student may also attend some of the courses in the engineering colleges in the neighboring provinces signed a protocol of cooperation with the college after the approval of the College Council and in accordance with the requirements of the program restricted in it.

Article 8:
The schedules attached to this regulation show the courses distributed over the two semesters for the years of study, lectures, exercises, practical lessons, the number of hours per week for each course, the examination hours and the maximum end of the grades. The College Council approves the scientific content of each course.

Article 9:
Each student must conduct a practical training. Each scientific council shall set a practical training system for the students of the first, second and third years for at least three weeks a year inside or outside the college during the summer vacation and it shall be carried out under the supervision of the faculty within the limits of the available facilities. 

Article 10:
The exams of the transfer and the bachelor's examinations shall be held at the end of each semester in the courses studied by the student in his department according to the schedules attached to this regulation, except for the continuing courses and their examinations shall be held at the end of the academic year.

Article 11:
The students of the final year shall prepare the bachelor's project determined by the councils of the relevant departments and shall allocate a period of not less than four weeks and not more than six weeks after the written exam for the second semester of the fourth year.